Rating System

Here at Hidden Corner we offer feathers in lieu of stars. It's still based on a 1-5 system, 1 feather being the worst and 5 feathers meaning  this book can't be missed.

One feather, Okay so I didnt enjoy it, that doesn't mean you won't.

 Just a wee bit better than 1 feather, I found something interesting somewhere within its pages.

2 feathers, It grew on me a little, but honestly the book could use a little work.

 Just a a little better than 2, theres a redeeming factor hidden if you can find it.

3 feathers, It's an okay read, but only if there isn't something better.

  A little better than 3, I'd pick it up in a rain storm if there wasn't another book around.

One of the better books I've found, well written with a great plot. Still a few iffy moments, but by far a recommended read.

 A step up from 4, it offered up a few surprises.

 A Definite Must READ!! Right on par with some of my all time favorites.